Monday, December 27, 2010


Today we woke up covered in lots of snow, so we stayed home all day.

The boys did go outside to play and clean my car and shovel a path from the backdoor. But it was too cold for them to stay out too long.

Today we also cleaned the entire upstairs. 7 garbage bags and 4 loads of dirty laundry later. We needed to make room for the boys new toys.

Josh is pretty good and keeps his room clean, but Jason's room is constantly like a bomb went off. Dirty and clean clothes all over. Garbage and toys everywhere.

The worst part is I found so many food wrappers, but the rule is no food or drinks, except water upstairs. So I told Jason and wrote it and put it on his wall if I find him eating or drinking anything else upstairs he will lose his radio.

I need to be stricter on him, and check up that he really is doing his chores each day. I give him simple chores like put dirty clothes in hamper, not just go clean your room. So he should be able to handle it. Then if he does not comply I need to be stricter with the consequences.

I can't keep giving him excuses like his room is too small or he can't handle it with his ADHD.

But for now the upstairs is spotless and all clothes and toys have a place.

I also have folded and put away all clean laundry. This is a task I usually lack in so I am particularly proud of myself.

And I also got to go shopping (all without leaving home) using my Christmas gift cards.

I ordered a skin, case, and light for my Kindle. I also ordered a hand grain grinder, and book on wheat (usage, recipes, etc.) I can't wait for my grain grinder. I have been using my magic bullet, but it does not do a great job and heats the grain up too much. I also ordered a book to help Josh with his reading skills. Unfortunately neither of the two books I ordered are available on the Kindle.

I did put some free stuff on my Kindle though. Games and Bible verses and a daily Bible study blog.

Off to do another load of laundry and try to get to bed by 12.



Tina said...

Becky, my Carrie has a child with adhd and she has allowed the kids to make their own chore list, but they must keep it. Have you thought of that? It seems to be working well for them. They have bought into it and keep track of each other. Just a thought.