Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dental check up and more

Today I went for a dental exam, ex ray, and cleaning. I don't have dental so this is an area I neglect, but I got a groupon for this for $35. I was skeptical using a groupon, but the office and exam rooms were clean, the staff friendly, especially the dentist, and the cleaning was amazing!!! Plus they were sensitive to the fact that I don't use artificial dyes and used nothing with dye on me.I am cavity free as well. That is a huge praise as I have soft teeth and have had many cavities in my life.

To go back each year with all the services I had today is about $260, so I will have to add this to my expenses so I can go each year. I will either budget $22 a month or just plan on taking it from my tax refund.

In April I have an appointment for a full physical, blood work, and obgyn appointment. I just need to get a vision appointment and then I will be good for another year. The physical, blood work, and obgyn are covered by my insurance. The dental and vision are all out of my pocket. I am dreading the eye doctor. I went two years ago and for my exam, contact lens exam, glasses, and 1 year supply of contacts it was $700. I alternated contacts with glasses to make them last two years, but now am out and want to assure my glasses prescription is up to date.

Here's praying to no illness at all so I can stay out of doctor's offices after April.