Thursday, March 29, 2012


I made sauerkraut once before and it was great. Since cabbage was ridiculously cheap this month, I bought two more heads and this is what just one head of cabbage filled. In a couple of months I will have more yummy sauerkraut.

Have you ever made it?



Sisters of the Blog said...

I've never made it, although i've read about it. Can you explain how you do it? When i read the part of how it bubbles up, i always wonder if i'll know if they're "good" bubbles, or bad ones.

I've canned tomatoes and peaches successfully, so i should be okay with trying this, but i haven't yet to date. Of course, i don't have a crock, either. Do you use one, or have you found a good substitute?


Becky R said...

I don't have a crock. I just use glass jars that have a mouth that is not as wide as base, as you can see in picture.
I do things super simple.
I cut up cabbage and put in jars, then over with sea salt and filtered water. Make sure water covers cabbage.
Then I cover with lids (cloth and rubber band or canning jar top without middle top.) Every few days I check to assure all cabbage is under water.
I have done this before and it worked great.
No need to get all complicated.
I google recipes and sometimes find weird items needed to do sauerkraut, but I think did the pioneers have access to those ingriedients, if not I find a simpler way to do it.

Sisters of the Blog said...

Thanks for explaining how you did it. When i saw the picture of the jars i thought they looked like canning jars but wondered if there was something more to it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky

This looks great! Do you mean on your lids that it isn't a real lid - as in it's just the cloth and the canning jar bit without the hard middle bit - do you have to let the air into it or something?

I'm learning.... :)


Becky R said...

The center part is not a cannind lid just cheescloth or fabric, so air can escape. They can not be sealed shut, air needs to be able to escape. But every few days I put full can lid on and shake to assure salt moves around a bit, then I put cloth back on top.