Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb. bills

Praise God all Feb. bills are paid in full!!!

I also am a bit closer to being debt free. I paid off my paypal bill pay ($130.00.)

My only remaining debt:
$127 Josh's dentist
$200 owe my dad

I also bought season passes to Six Flags Great Adventure for the boys Easter gift (they love this place.)

And I bought a family membership to the Natural History Museum in NY (on a groupon half price.) We are going in April and the price of the family pass is what one visit would have cost us and now we can go back for 1 year (and I don't have to redeem until we go, so starting the year in April.)



Becky R said...
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Becky R said...

I know I should not buy things while still in debt; but we have to have some fun things to do too. By buying season passes and family passes we have something to do that is already paid for.

Michelle P said...

You still need to have fun, even though you are in debt. Season passes are a great deal.