Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Budget update

I have been waiting to post that I finally have all May bills paid in full, but I can't, because I don't yet. I paid everything for May except my taxes. This is $400.
Last month I had some unexpected plumbing issues and car repairs that were almost $800 all together.
So now my taxes are two months behind, and my other bills are all one month behind, except my mortgage which is still current.

I am just trusting the Lord to provide enough work to pay my taxes (they are actually due Aug. 1st $1,200.)

I do the best I can, so I have to stop stressing and pray about if I need to have different work, or work smarter somehow, or just stay as I am.

I am so blessed. We still have everything we need each and every day. God is so amazing!!!

My other debt:
MasterCard $40
Kohl's $217
Amazon $325
Mortgage $117,00 (about)

How are your finances?