Sunday, July 15, 2012

Customer Service and Product Satisfaction

I do not have a lot of available funds, so when I spend money on a product I expect it to work as it should. When it doesn't I do not hesitate to write, call, or email the company.

Just this week I got a terrible sunburn, even after applying sunblock. I had bought about nine bottles of sunblock from this company, All Terrain. They were not all the same. One bottle was for kids, two were a lotion, but six were a spray. Previously I had used the kid one and the cream. Both worked great. The day I got the sunburn I was using the spray. I have very sensitive skin and burn very easily, so I have learned to be very diligent with applying sunburn. This day in particular I applied it three times over a four hour period. I was concerned to use this stuff again, and I had five more bottles as well, so I emailed the company.

They asked me to return the six bottles, at their expense, so they can test these bottles. They also are refunding me retail value for the six bottles (even though I no longer have the receipt.)

I am so impressed with this response, and especially how quickly this was handled.

Also even though I usually make my own laundry soap, and also have some soap nuts, I was not finding great success with either lately; so I bought a bottle of Method Free & Clear laundry soap a few weeks ago. It was not really cleaning my clothes. I tried cold water, I tried hot. Some loads had to be rewashed two or three times.

I emailed the company again. With in two days they had figured out the bottle I bought was made in 2009 and past its prime. The store should not have been selling it anymore. (Method said their product has a 2 year shelf life.) They recommended I take the product back to the store, but I don't still have the receipt. I told the company that. They are now sending me free coupons for Method products. I will try a fresher bottle of laundry soap next time (the customer service rep said the first two numbers in the lot number are the year it was made, and the next numbers are the day made.)

Now I can take the refund from All Terrain and buy more of the kid stuff and cream sunblock. So I will still have sunblock for the rest of the summer (we use a lot.) And I will also have a new bottle of Method laundry soap as well.

I am very pleased and will continue to do business with these companies again.

Also I referred a friend to Groupon back in March. She signed up as a new customer, and bought a Groupon her self, but I never got the $10 referral credit. Groupon made good this week and credited my Groupon account for the $10. I wasn't even going to email them, but I am glad I did.

On the other side of customer service, last Fri. Jason had to go for blood work. This is extremely stressful for him. We were so fortunate to get two amazing techs who were so patient and kind with him. You better believe  I took the time to thank them both personally and also sent an email to their boss explaining how amazing the two techs were.

I like to also let a company know when I think they are doing a great job.

Do you contact a company if you are unhappy? Do you let them know when you are really happy? What have been the responses from the companies if you did contact them?



Jeannette said...

I use to let my cleaning lady know when I was satisfied, but for whatever reason she quit anyways,, lol

Glad you got satisfaction from both products, I do not have problem making comments on either side whether I am disatisfied or satisfied. I often think how awesome it would make someones day if they got a note from their boss saying they did a good job