Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today I had some family and a friend over for a barbecue. My mom and stepfather brought most of the food. It was so good too.

 The clams with butter and garlic to dip were my favorite. It is really nice to live near the ocean and get fresh local seafood.

The weather was hot, but we have some nice trees in my yard, so we had nice shade.

I also had a baby pool set up and Kaiden and Josh enjoyed it.

I am so blessed, some of my blessings today are:

being an America
freedom to speak God's name anywhere and everywhere
great food
family and friends
my grill *
my outside table and chairs *
my baby pool *
amazing weather today
my central air for after the barbecue
my dishwasher (on it's second load of the day)*
my wash machine (that is washing clothes as I type)
barbecue left overs (yum)

What are you your blessings today?


* was given to me or I found FREE


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Abbi said...

You have some fun blessings. I am very blessed as well. Thanks for sharing yours. Your seafood meal sounds very yummy!