Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 years of blogging

I thought I started this blog in Aug. 2007, but just discovered that it was July 23, 2007.
Read my first post here.
I have been blogging for 5 years now. I am so glad I have this blog as a journal and scrapbook of our lives over the past 5 years.
                                                                    Us in 2007:

Jason with a virtue pet

Joshua in his orange phase

both boys together



I have grown so much in the past 5 years. I have moved 2 times (from apartment to rented house, from rented house to my own house.) I am now homeschooling, which I was not doing then. I am no longer parenting any preschoolers. I also have a teen now. I had surgery and my ankle did recover. I was in another bad relationship. I ended that relationship. I learned that the worse that could happen, did. I lost part of my heart when I lost my brother, Eric. I am still hanging on. I got a dog. I started my cleaning business. I reopened my in home daycare. I turned 28, 29, 30, 31, & 32. I gave up disposable paper products. I discovered I have a love for cheese (Emmathaler yum.) I started cooking and baking from scratch. I made some successful dishes.

I have seen the hand of God bless our family so many times, some beyond anything my mind can comprehend.

I am looking forward to the next 5 years.

Here are some of my goals for that time:

grow in my walk with the Lord
give God my stress
read through the Bible 2 times
lose and keep off 50 pounds
have exercise be part of my DAILY routine
continue homeschooling
graduate Jason from high school
graduate Josh from 8th grade
pay off all my non mortgage debt (about $2,000)
read at least 50 fiction books
read at least 50 non fiction books
take a pottery class
improve my sewing skills and be able to make basic clothing
go to Niagara Falls
replace all the carpet in my home with wood or laminate

It is strange to take a few moments and look ahead, especially when I am so busy with the things at hand. But as looking back reminds me, it goes by so quickly. It is good to have some goals to strive for.

How many of you have been reading my blog since the beginning?



Anonymous said...

Not since the beginning but I enjoy your blog very much. You are a dedicated Mom and hard worker that is making great progress. Congratulations on 5 years!


Kevin Surbaugh said...

Happy Blogoversary. Is life good? abd Blogging makes it so much better. I have enjoyed your comments over the years on my own blog, For some reason I had thought you had been blogging longer then me, but guess not. Anyway, I am droning on....congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 5 years Becky and all the best for the next 5 years!
2007 must have been a good year, I started blogging then too.


Canadian Saver said...

Happy Bloggaversary, Becky! I don't hang out on the blogs so much anymore, but I do enjoy catching up and seeing what you are up to :-)

Here's to 5 more great years!

Chef Penny said...

Happy Blogaversary! I just discovered you but those are some great goals for the next 5 years. I wish I could say that my non mortgage debt was only $2000. :)