Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homeschool Update

Last Mon. (10/01/12) was our first day back to school. We went into Aug. with last year, so we took off half of Aug., and all of Sept. as our summer break.

Our first day was a bit of a disaster as Josh was in an extremely rare angry mode (he had dye the day before and this really effects his behavior, I try to have him avoid dye at all cost because of it) and Jason was upset that he actually had to do schoolwork on the first day.

But it is getting better as we attempt to settle into a routine. Right now our biggest struggle is getting started by 10am. Jason, who was getting up at 9am for most of Sept., is once again struggling to get up in the am.

I am up before 8am everyday, as I am taking a little girl to school each day (and also picking her up 3 days a week.)

I drop her off at school by about 8:25am and then Josh and I take a walk about 45min. Then I jump in the shower and make breakfast.

We should be starting school by 10am, but it has been more like 11am.

Each day we start with prayer and bible time. I write down one praise, prayer for another, and prayer for our self from each of us. Then we take turns praying out loud. For Bible we will be reading through the entire Old Testament this year. So each day, we listen to Jason's iPhone as we read along in our own Bible's (this was Jason's idea, so I went with it.)

I take notes while we listen, and then at the end of each chapter ask questions based on these notes. It has been interesting hearing the boys responses and thoughts that I did not even think of myself.

So far we have read up to Genesis chapter 24.

After family bible time we split up and each reread what we just read and have our quiet time with God.

Then the boys attack their daily school lists. Josh and I usually start with Language Arts, since it is completely teacher led (he can not do on his own.)

At some point the boys are demanding lunch so we eat. We have eaten lunch together at the table every school day. I have really enjoyed that, and they seem to as well (surprisingly.)

Josh's daily assignments are:

Bible / Math / Language Arts / Science / History / Art / Piano / Gym
Still have to add in Spanish and Cursive (we do Reading together at bedtime)

Jason's daily assignments are:
Bible / Math / Language Arts / Reading / History / Science / Piano / Gym
Still have to add in Foreign Language

They boys have to do daily chores after schoolwork, and if they complete all schoolwork and chores, plus have good behavior they can have electronic minutes. They can use the minutes to play the computer, play Wii, play Xbox 360, or play PlayStation 3. They can not earn or play more than 60 in one day. They have only had like two days so far that they actually got to play since school started up again.

Usually the boys are doing school work until about 3:00pm (usually later for Jason.)

My goal is to have all schoolwork done by Thur. night so Fridays after my am cleaning job we can do field trips.

If not, we may still do the field trips and also do school on Saturdays, since I really value the field trips (and so do the boys.)

How is school going for your family? (homeschool, public, or private school)