Thursday, October 4, 2012

The post about let down

Ever since I was little I would always get really excited about a holiday or my birthday or just a special day. Once the day came and went though usually my expectations were not met and I would feel let down.

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. It was a great day. Josh made me breakfast in bed. My mom also brought breakfast. Jason's grandmother brought lunch. I got flowers from my friend delivered via a florist. I was spoiled.

Yet still I found myself sad at the end of the day. I actually went to bed having a good cry (doesn't every girl need one of those now and again.)

I do not want to seem ungrateful, because I really am. I am so blessed. I have so many amazing people in my life who love me so much.

Yet I still get these over the top romantic ideas in my head about how things are supposed to be. It is like I am wearing rose colored glasses half the time.

One of the things that did upset me is that my son Jason did nothing to acknowledge my birthday. No homemade card, no sweet thing (like Josh who made me breakfast in bed.) He actually said a few times yesterday, that he forgot it was my birthday. Now I am not sure what I expect from a 14 year old, but it hurts me like he does not care. Even though I know that he does.

Another thing that made me upset is that is was a Wed. and thus no celebrating could actually happen (like going to dinner or out to do something fun.) It was just a regular day for me with work, and homeschooling, and even some chores.

In my life I have set things up to fail many times just by my expectations. I expect if I plan a field trip the boys will not fight that day. I expect that if I clean my house it will stay that way for longer than 5 minutes. I expect a holiday to be all fun and loving and perfect.

But even I know their really is no perfect. Besides my idea of perfect is not the same as someone else's idea of perfect.

One thing that helps me with my let down is to be grateful for everything I do. Also to help and do special things for other people really lifts my mood.

Turning the situation from about me to about Christ is really the best thing to do. I should have cracked open my Bible last night instead of having a pity party. I should pray about each day and seek His will and not my will for each trip, vacation, holiday, and special days.

Do you ever get let down about situations?



debbie said...

I used to get let downalot then I gave up onmy expections and just let happen will. One year my husband forgot I cried for 3 weeks

Jeannette said...

Its okay to get down, I get stressed before any occassion you get the anxiety after. I can't wait for Birthdays, Holiday's to be over you can't wait for them to start.

WHOSE child are you anyways,,,lol

Anonymous said...

Managing expectations truly is an art. I was (am?) a celebrated child when I was girl - so I was also set with high expectations for birthdays and holidays. Over the years, I've developed my own personal set of tools to celebrate what IS, as opposed to what "SHOULD" be. One of my favorite and most useful is to list my goals for the day or situation - REAL goals, like: connect, enjoy the moments, act with grace, forgive myself for shortcomings. If I'm entering into an event where my expectations might sky rocket - I start with those, and then review at the end. I'm rarely disappointed, if I keep those goals in mind all day.