Monday, October 1, 2012

In an Instant



In mid Sept. my mom and stepfather treated us to a family vacation down at the Jersey shore. They rented the cutest beach house and bought tons of food. A week of relaxing, bike rides, board games, swimming, boogie boarding, and lounging around in the sand was planned. The above pictures, I think are from the first day.

The second time we attempted boogie boarding had different results. I think it was the second full day of vacation, I was up at the house making lunch. My sister was in the house reading. My mom had Kaiden down playing in the sand. My stepfather was boogie boarding with Jason and Josh. Apparently they all got caught up in a rip tide and ended up being pushed sideways and out to sea. Jason managed to use all his strength to  swim back in and run up to the house. He could barely talk as he tried to tell me to call the police. Once I realized it was not he who needed immediate medical attention, I ran down to the beach to watch helplessly as Josh and Scott were managing to stay on boogie boards but without actually coming back to shore. Someone else had already called the police and an off duty lifeguard at this point.

I have never felt such fear and helplessness in my life. I was staring into my son's face, and thinking if Scott can not get him back in what could I do. I began to pray and hold in the tears. Finally (I think they were about there about 12 minutes total) the lifeguard used a surfboard to bring Josh in. He just fell into my arms in tears. I had to continue to fight mine back. I walked him up to the house and he stayed holding on to me for a long time.

All three were exhausted from the ordeal. We did nothing else that day. After Josh was calm and Jason was resting I went into my room and bawled my eyes out. In an instant I could have lost my boys. Praise Jesus I did not. Having lot my cousin Cristie and then Eric made this ordeal all the more haunting, all the more real. A new day is not guaranteed to any of us. Today is all we may ever have.

So this incident sort of halted our vacation. No one wanted to even go near the sand, let alone in the water (except Kaiden, who was blissfully unaware of the entire ordeal.) I know that we live near the ocean and bay and we will get back in, but immediately after was just too soon.

By Thur. we decided to just cut the trip short and go home. (We were supposed to stay until Sat.) It was a relief for us all just to leave the nightmare behind.

This trip could have had a different ending, and I am so grateful it did not and that we all came home safely, just with a new respect for the ocean.

I am grateful my for stepfather, Scott being there and keeping Josh calm and safe. I am thankful that Jason managed to swim back in on his own (and I am quiet proud of him as well.) I am thankful I have a family who wants to vacation with us. I am so blessed.


us exploring the beach on our first day (Lady was there too)

                                                  I was there too, with Josh and Kaiden

                                            the backyard of the beach house we rented


Jeannette said...

I don't know what the message was for us, but that did leave some very haunting thoughts. As many times I repeat the would haves and could haves it still puts a thankful spirit in my heart

Anonymous said...

Scary! We are such tiny things in this giant world, sometimes. Glad to hear you and the family made it out of that pickle.