Friday, October 24, 2008

Cloth diaper lot for sale / over 70 items

Hello! In the market for any cloth diapers size small, check out this link

I am selling a set of some used and new cloth diapers.

The starting bid is $10. I paid over $200 for all the items.

At least 30 diapers can be made with this set (reusing covers.) Some are all in ones, some are prefolds, some are diapers that have Velcro but just need a cover. A wet bag is also included, as well some inserts, and nursing pads. 4 snappi's are also included (no need for pins anymore.)

Leave a comment if you have a question. -Becky


Anonymous said...

How come you have all of these dipes?

I could use some mediums. Do you have any in that size (like 12-16 pounds)