Thursday, October 2, 2008

Horrible day

I have been having some horrible days. Not too much happening, but my heart is mean. I have been yelling at my kids and stressing SO much. It is not healthy. I keep thinking I can not do all this. I wonder why God gave me these precious boys, when I do not appreciate that gift?

My house is a nightmare, but we did clean the living room and front hall tonight with lots of yelling and fighting going on.

My fear is that all of our spirits are broken. This is not how parenting should be. My goal is to build them up in the Lord. I am supposed to be the spiritual head of household. YIKES!!!!

I need prayer! I need to be calmer and more enjoyable. I need the joy of the Lord. I know He wants to give it to me, I just have to go to Him and ask, and spend time with Him daily. How come I know what to do, but still don't?


Sorry for the all the negativity, this is so how I do not want to be!!!



Anonymous said...

We all have these days. Don't worry honey. Sometimes I wish my kids would go away and not come back. Awful. I know.