Thursday, October 30, 2008

yeah-praise God!!!

My car passed inspection today! Now it is good for two years!!!
All I had to do was get a new headlight to get it to pass. I had money to get the headlight fixed and renew my driver's license as well.

Also I just paid all of Oct.'s bills including Nov. rent. I even have money to get my brakes fixed. I only have one bill that is a little behind (my electric is $60 behind.) I even got and started a few Christmas gifts this month (we are making gifts this year.)

The boys had dental cleanings and both were calm. Joshua had a cavity and got it filled without incident!

We are all healthy!

We have lots of food!

Joshua is doing well at school and listens well there. He is making new friends as well!

Jason's homeschooling is going well. He is not behind on Bible, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, Handwriting, Math, Art, or Gym. (Just a little behind on Spelling.)

God is so amazing again!!!