Monday, October 20, 2008

about me

I was going to re post my original about me from back in July. of last year when I started this blog, but so much has changed I thought I would rewrite it.

Well, my name is Becky, I turned 29 years old on Oct. 3rd. I am a Christian, or follower of God. I love the Lord, and am striving to live each day His way, but I stumble, and I give into my flesh, and I backslide-A LOT!

I am a single mom to two amazing, strong willed, energetic, creative boys.

Jason is 10 years old and had ADHD and some different learning abilities. He is super sensitive and has such a heart for others, being especially considerate to younger children (except his younger brother of course) and those who are less fortunate. We moved last year into a new school district and I felt they were not meeting Jason's particular needs, so after praying a lot I decided to homeschool him. This is going along. We are getting some stuff accomplished, but I desire to be home more (I do work outside the home 4 days a week.) Jason is doing well, and especially enjoys the homeschool co-op we go to.

Joshua is my baby, he is 5 years old but thinks he is 10 like his brother. He loves to argue and talk back and try to convince me of what he can do. We are working on this. On one hand his verbal skills are amazing, he can hold a reasonably entertaining conversation with just about anyone, yet does not quite know his limits when to stop. (If you know me at all, this is so much like me, I love to talk also and sometimes do not know my limits-lol.) Joshua plays soccer and he is enjoys it; especially playing goalie. Joshua is in kindergarten at our local public school. He really enjoys playing with all his friends there.

Both my boys are very creative and love to build things (especially with Lego's.) We have built Lego creations all over the house as well. I so need a Lego room (and a library, craft room, two more bedrooms, a full basement, and a BATH TUB!!!!)

And we ALL love to read; Jason & I the most. We have books all over the house. Currently I am reading about five different books:
Nicholas Spark's A Walk to Remember,
Scott Turansky's Good and Angry,
Dr. Steve Stephen's the Worn Out Woman,
Carole Lewis's Stop It!
and Julie Ann Barnhill's She's Gonna Blow!

At our homeschool co-op I teach the preschool class. I love this age group, and God has really given me a heart for them.

I also do childcare Mon. & Sat.
Mon. for a sweet almost 4 year old girl. Jason comes to work with me.
We go 9:00-2:30. We take the little girl to our homeschool gym class (she also is homeschooled.) It is nice, as I get to bring Josh to school and pick him up as well. And if he has no school he can just come with us.
Sat. I do childcare 5:30-10:00 for a set of 7 year old twins. The boy has severe allergies so his parents are very leery about who they leave him with. They feel better with me since I have CPR & First Aid & Epi-pen training. I also have an AA in Early Education. Sometimes one or both of my boys come with me, sometimes they sleep over at my mom's.

My other job is working in an office two days a week (Wed. & Fri. 9:15-2:15.) I get to bring Josh to school and pick him up as well, so this is good. I answer phones, clean, organize, help out the Occupational, Speech, & Physical therapists and other odd things. Sometimes I even teach in the social skills groups. My office only sees babies through teens, no adults. It is a very friendly, easy going place to work. But like any office, it can get very busy.

In addition to the above, I am a daughter to an amazing mother (as well as to our Heavenly Father), I am a sister to three brothers, (Eric 32, Kevin 27, and Matthew 6 months old) and two sisters (Lindsey 23, and Samantha 19.) I am a niece, cousin, and granddaughter. I also am a friend, and of course I am a blogger!

Please share about you in the comment section.

Thanks! -Becky


Jeannette said...

Hhmm about me, I have two amazing daughters, two amazing sons, and two awesome grandsons. Both keep me busy as their mom drops them off day and night without warning. Oh wait, I must wake up, thats right I get scheduled visits...

I have an awesome family, and I think I have a few friends, I have three blogs with different people that I share my days, thoughts and whatnots with.

I love my family, will do just about anything for them except use cloth you know whats and live as God tells me too, okay so that last part I am working on, its not my fault he doesn't always tell me what I want to hear..

You are awesome, beautiful, powerful and smart. I pray your future gets brighter and your children grow up and you can move on with your life.

Have a very pleasant day
Love Mom

Denise Punger MD IBCLC said...

A library, craft room, office, 2 more bedrooms, sound good... and how about a laundry room with enough room for an iron board and place to hang clothes... one day... :)

Becky R said...

what's an iron?

Jeannette said...

Today I don't feel so amazing, life sometimes really really sucks

oh wait you live in the same world