Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayer Requests

Please Pray for me to be calm and fun with my boys every day!!!

Pray that Joshua would obey, he is flat out not listening to anything I say lately. As of right now it is 9:00pm, I put him to bed at 7:00pm because he was so disobedient and he has been yelling, getting up, and such for 2 hours!

Pray for Jason to have nothing wrong with his foot. Pray for him to obey me as well(although he is much better at it right now.) Pray for him to not shut down before his Odyssey of the Mind class at 3:30.

Pray for my boys not to antagonize each other so much.

Pray for me as I need a tooth pulled, a cavity filled, and a dental cleaning (all without dental insurance.)

Pray for me to spend time with the Lord daily and stick to my First Place study and commitments to the Lord!

Pray for us to spend calm time just being home, not always going, going, going! I feel like we are never home and when we are we have such an agenda (you know clean house, cook, laundry, etc.) I want my home to be a calm haven for us, lately it has not been.

Pray as Monday at 7:30 I have a phone conference with Jason's dad, Jason (they have the same name.) We have not spoken in over 10 months. I am very stressed about this phone call. But I desire him to make the effort to see little Jason.

Thanks! -Becky