Saturday, October 4, 2008


Me 29 years old, photo by Jason (he was in a tree)

Yesterday I turned 29. It was strange. I feel so old sometimes, yet so young at others. My body sure feels old. Yet I still feel so small and insecure at times.

My day started out bad. I slept in and then got mad at my kids for making a mess and eating chips for breakfast (they know they are not allowed to do this.) I asked them to clean up and get dressed which turned into a fighting match. Why can't they just listen?

But then we went to Lee Turkey Farm with my stepfather (my mom was also supposed to come, but she is very sick, please pray for her) and had a nice time. We did a corn maze, picked pumpkins (Jason's weighs about 17 lbs.), and picked apples. We also played on the farm playground. It was really relaxing. It was a beautiful fall day and there was a slight breeze in the air. It was also very clear. Despite my heart (mean inside) God still blessed me with an amazing day.

Lee Turkey Farm

conquering the corn maze

pumpkin picking

apple picking

apple picking

on the tire swing

After the turkey farm Josh had soccer practice, then we went to my friend, Monica's. She made a fire and cooked me dinner. Then she had a cake for me. She is so sweet. It was a relaxing time.

Then I went home and put the kids to bed. Josh was asleep within 30 min. of putting him to bed (all that outside activity sure helped.) This is a real blessing as sometimes it takes two hours for him to stop trying to get up.

Then I did all my bills. I was a bit behind from Sept. as I took off a week in Sept. to get kids situated for school, so I had to use Oct. 3rd paycheck to finish up Sept. bills. But praise the Lord. I paid every bill from Sept. (except my electric bill is still one month behind, but I plan on catching up this month.) Fortunately in Oct. I was scheduled to get 3 paychecks instead of two, so I will not be behind for Oct. It is amazing that I have no debt (except the electric bill behind one month.) GOD IS SO AWESOME TO US, ESPECIALLY FINANCIALLY!

Now I have gas in my gas tank, gave the boys allowance, and have food shopping money. I even have money to have my front brakes done. This makes me feel good.

I don't know why I stress so as it always works out. I need to wake up each day and give my day to God and spend time with HIM. This way I am not "mean mommy". I really do love my boys and want them to know it each and every day!



Sisters of the Blog said...

I feel like such a sucky mom, I didn't even give your present to you. Happy Birthday, you are my an awesome, beautiful, Godly person who inspires me. Yes the daughter inspires the mom, go figure
Love mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

It is weird we are 29. I don't know how it happened. But, don't worry... you are not alone!

Sisters of the Blog said...

Yes we are only 29, I must keep telling myself that...:)

Love mom

Kevin Surbaugh said...

hope you had a great b-day. God bless.

vignesja said...

Hey Becky;
As usual I love reading your blogs!
One thing you don't realize...You are an amazing person and as we all fall short of being who God created us to be, we are blessed that He loves us as He does. You have become one of my truest friends, and I'm blessed that God brought us together in this very awesome friendship. Now, if we can just get together and hang out, outside of church, that would be awesome too! You know I love you, and I'm here.....and yes, you're never alone!!!
Hey, have you picked any flowers lately?? Gosh!!!! When you pick 'em really pick 'em
God Bless you my Friend!

Oh....I have a Birthday gift for you too! xo
Love, Jan