Friday, September 17, 2010

Boston Tea Party reenactment

British (a.k.a. Lobsterbacks)(a.k.a Joshua and Joe) guarding the ship with tea from Britain

Colonist (a.k.a. Josh & Joe) dressed as Mohawk Indians with Tomahawks (a.k.a wooden spoons) overtake the ship shouting, "No taxation without representation!"

dumping the tea into the Boston harbor (a.k.a. my yard)

Enjoying a cup of tea just for fun. We tried tea colonist dumped and herbal tea that colonist used when they refused to pay tax on tea from Britain. Yum!

Two Fun Facts: After Colonist (dressed as Indians) dumped tea, they cleaned up mess on deck and even swept the decks clean.
A colonist (not one who was doing the dumping) stole tea that was being dumped, he put as much as he could in his pockets, this caused him to be kicked by all who had seen, all the way home. lol.