Monday, September 20, 2010

Still searching

Sometimes I still find myself googling Eric's name. I just did it again. I really like to watch the skate videos he appears in. I like those better than the still photos. Because for a second or two he becomes alive again.

At this point I am still sad, yet now more like, "Why isn't he part of our lives?"

When I want to call him to search out the mouse I saw in my kitchen, or help me with yard work, or try to get him to go get a pizza with us, I remember why I can't. Then once again I am sad.

It is better now in that I cry for minutes now instead of the days, and then hours, that I was before.

It just stinks he is missing out on our lives. It seems that it isn't really complete without him.



Rose said...

Becky you made my eyes water!!! May God be with you in your time of saddness! <3 many times a feel that way about my great grandfather I remember the time I sat on his lap in the back bedroom and talking to him about alot of stuff I can't remember. I feel your pain! You are an amazing person God bless