Friday, September 10, 2010

Homemade brownies are expensive

(yes, I got weird looks for photographing my kids in the food store)

Jason wanted to make brownies, so as his math today I let him do so. While at the store to buy the semi sweet bakers chocolate I saw boxed brownie mix for $1.

Our brownies cost:
semi sweet chocolate $3.49
organic sugar $.50
all natural baking powder $.05
salt $.01
organic eggs $.99
organic cocoa powder $.05
organic whole wheat (I ground it) $1.00
organic vanilla $.50
1 cup organic butter $1.00

$7.59 total

YIKES!!! Sure with the $1 box, I would have to add oil and eggs, making them cost about $2.50. I did use a lot of natural and organic ingredients, but still. I thought cooking from scratch was cheaper.

No matter what they cost they look delicious.
half of top has chocolate chips, half has caramel

update: they taste delicious too!!!


ritakk said...

looks delicious but look at it like this you took the effort and I'm sure they were delicious right and your son loved the experience with you. Have a great nite. RW

Becky R said...

Absolutely, plus my son actually did all the work (except grinding the grain), so it was a lesson for him. (I had him double the recipe too.)

He also makes awesome hot chocolate from scratch.

Plus it was fun shopping and I got a blog post out of it. lol.

Bad thing I ate too many yummy brownies and now can't sleep. lol.