Friday, September 10, 2010

The coolest thing

I just discovered I can go online to my library (all the libraries in my county are linked,) and I can put holds on books I want them when they are ready at desk, they call me and I can just walk in and pick them up. I have about 30 books (the limit) in my account. This is so exciting to me.

Each week in Josh's history (I am using A Child's Study of Famous Americans) we do a famous American from Revolutionary War to current day, so I got books coming for first few weeks, and some for me, and some to go with Jason's history as well.

This week we officially started homeschooling. It excites me so! My main philosophy is learning from life and books.

Today Josh and I read A Lion To Guard Us. It is about a young girl and her siblings as they come to America in search of their father in Jamestown. It was interesting to see how hard such a journey was, and to read it through the eyes of a child. I didn't intend to read all 20 something chapters to him, but I did. Josh enjoyed time with me and the story as well.

Jason is doing Story of the World book 4 (which is too mature for Josh this year.) It begins with England, so I am having him read The Secret Garden and The Secret Garden Cookbook to get an idea of life in that time. He actually picked those books (I gave him a list to choose from.)

My goal for each boy is to read at least one book a week that corresponds with the history time period. For Josh I may read to him or find books he can read himself. Fortunately Jason enjoys reading and can read pretty fast, so I think he can handle this. I will be happy, however, to spend time reading to him as well. As occasionally he still enjoys me to do so.

I am so excited with my new library discovery that we actually went to the library twice today. We will be back Mon. morning to pick up more books as well. And return the DVDs we got to watch over the weekend.

Do you use your public library? How often do you go?



Jeannette said...

I would love to start going to the library once a week, I think I will make Thursday Library night and no television night