Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thrift Shopping

Today my kids went to Great Adventure with their grandparents. Since I had to work at 6:00, I stayed home. I actually worked last night as well so they slept over. I had last night (I got out of work at 10) and today all to myself. I went thrift shopping with my dear, longtime friend, Joanna.

We had a blast. We always seem to laugh and have fun. We think things are funny that others may not necessarily think funny, but that's ok to us.

I got tons of toys and stuff for Kaiden (toys, bibs, and a pair of jeans.) I got a cool guide to the stars I will save for Jason for Christmas. I got Joshua a pair of Timberland snow boots, that are in great condition. I got a brand new paraffin wax set with 4 lbs. wax. It can do hands or feet. Joanna and I did our hands today and mine are so soft. I also got a few books, including one on the life of Abigail Adams. I am so so excited to read it. I got a puzzle for my brother Matthew (it has a truck, car, etc., and when you pick up each piece they make the sound of that mode of transportation.) I also got a baby gift for my pregnant friend (it looks brand new.) I got some envelopes, thank you cards, and blank cards. I got a like new photo album.

I spent $38 on all above stuff. I am super excited!

For lunch my friend treated and we went to a diner. I had a turkey burger. It was good.

Now I am at work (the kids I watch are already in bed.)

I am so glad to have spent time with Joanna. We have been friend since I was in 7th grade (about 18 years ago.) We were best friend in high school. We spent so much time together I wonder now how we could have had so much to talk about, but we did. But we have not hung out without my kids there for years, so it was nice. I got to see her new apartment (I saw it once before, but that was before she actually had any stuff in it.)

I had a really blessed, relaxed day.

How was your day?



Tina said...

Wow, did you ever clean up or what! As always you are truly and inspiration to me (even in my "old" age!).