Friday, September 10, 2010

Getting into a schedule is hard

I am not a morning person. I probably would get up about 1:00pm if I had no interruptions. I have been praying about this since Jason was born 12 years ago. Becoming a mom didn't suddenly change me into a morning person.

It is my resolve to get up by 8 am, but this almost never happens. Today I got up at 7:51am. I took a walk with Josh while Jason slept (he likes to sleep in too.) I got home and showered and then started laundry and breakfast. I got Jason up at 9 and we all started school work. But by 10:30 my body was shutting down and I needed a nap. It's as if my body was confused about getting up so early.

What is wrong with me? I attribute this to not being in a routine, so hopefully if I can go to bed and wake up at same time each day I can avoid needing a daily nap, or at least a nap before lunch? lol. Anyone want to volunteer to call me at 8 am each day?