Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cleaning business update

I now officially have 3 monthly jobs (jobs that occur once a month.)
Plus last month I did lots of one time jobs.
And I just did another one time job on Tuesday. It was a lot of work as they were going from one rental to another and it took me an hour alone to throw away the junk left behind (but I kept some of it for myself, I got two boxes borax ($8 value), a Topsy Turvy plant hanger, two glass globe plant waterers, a pole for painting, some mugs, a soup bowl, a stainless steel bowl, and some cleaning products; Jason got a mini tv/radio.)

I need about 4 jobs at $60-$75 each a week. So continue to pray for my business to grow.

I spent about $100 buying 1,500 more business cards, and 4 car magnets, so after this weekend (we are going on church youth retreat) I will be spending about an hour a day advertising. I will put cards up in stores, laundry mats, and will be going to apartment complexes and anywhere else I find community bulletin boards.

I put two car magnets on my car (one on each side) and am going to ask my brother and sister to each put one on their car.

Hopefully the magnets will bring some business. I also am going to look into joining the chamber of commerce and putting an ad in the paper.

Do you have any advertising advice?



Jeannette said...

I am very proud of you, you've accomplished alot I hope you will do well and prosper with your new business...

removing the clutter from someones' apartment does not fall under cleaning, that should have been extra