Friday, January 28, 2011

Self employment stress

Due to snow day I had to cancel 2 jobs on Thur. Losing me $120 in income for Jan. I will make these jobs up, but not until next week, which will be Feb. and have to go to Feb. income.

In addition I was supposed to work babysitting tomorrow night, but they cancelled me (losing another $60.) I hope to be able to make up one of the missed cleaning jobs tomorrow, but not sure if I can.

Being self employed has it's advantages, but when I don't work I don't get paid. So although we enjoyed 3 no drive, snow days this week I do miss not working when it comes to getting paid.

So for this month it seems I will about $300 short on all bills (would have only been $120 if I didn't lose those three jobs.) But $100 is my home insurance which is not due until Nov. 2011 (but I put $100 away each month.)

This is still pretty impressive as I am not at full capacity in my cleaning business.

Occasionally I get stressed and need to give that up to God, but I am still praising Him for all we have and for my self employment work.

How many of you are self employed?



Mara said...

Hi Becky,

I have been self-employed since June 2002 and LOVE it!

While the financial end of things is still a challenge at different times of the year, the freedom of working for myself suits my personality very well. I do not miss anything about working for someone else, in a CPA office in town. I am so much happier working for myself at home.

Hopefully, you will have the chance to make up some (or all) of your lost revenue due to your crazy winter weather.

God sees your hard work and hears your praises for Him. I have no doubt you will have some "unexpected" job opportunities come your way very soon.

Mara :)

Sisters of the Blog said...

I am not self-employed, but i do telecommute. The downside to this is that while the office may have a snow day, i do not. I am expected to be able to continue working because, hello, i work from home.

So, the four hours i spent shovelling out the day we had 19 inches of snow had to be made up by me. Everyone else in my office who took an hour and half extra to clear off their cars and/or add to the their commute did not. And one day last week, the office opened two hours late; I had not late office opening that day.

If i were self-employed, i would have given myself the snow day rather than get a short night's sleep.

That said, i'm very happy being a telecommuter, and don't miss going into an office outside my home.