Thursday, January 13, 2011

Declutter total

I just gave away:

rose room spray
set of postcards
boys size 9 jeans
boys size 9 jeans
boys fleece
parakeet food
stuff for parakeet cage floor
stuff for parakeet to trim their beak
parakeet toy

That puts my total up to 21 items given away in 2011 (it would have been 22, but one item from the other day was never picked up.)

My goal for 2011 is 365 items given away. This does not include stuff I throw away.

My house has way too much stuff, so I need to declutter.



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I actually put all items I don't want in a closet and once a year I host a large garage sale, I sell my items very cheaply, like a Nike shirt for 1 dollar! people go crazy and I usually end up making close to 300!

Why not get some of your money back? don't get me wrong towards the end of the garage sale, items left over are FREE! lol

I also hate stuff... the less the better!!

Rose said...

Cool idea!

Becky R said...

our house is about 900 square feet. It's my 13 year old, my 7 year old, my 67 lb. dog, and me. We have no attic, no basement, and only 3 closets (my room has no closet) in entire house so there is no where to store stuff for yard sale. Plus I have had 2 in last 4 years. I spent hours before collecting stuff, sorting and pricing it, then spent time putting up signs and advertising, and another entire day setting up, selling, and cleaning up. My last yard sale netted me $35 for about 30 hours work. So not worth it.
The stuff I give away is still useful, but not usally worth much. The clothes are usally hand me downs, etc.
I do other stuff to earn money:
my cleaning business
pet and house sitting
serving at Temple Fri. night special services