Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grinding Wheat

Who grinds there own wheat berries to make flour?

Where do you buy?

What do you grind with?

What wheat do you like best and for what (i.e. hard red for bread, etc)?

What cookbooks / websites do you use for recipes using freshly ground flour?

I have been grinding my own wheat for about a year now.

I buy organic wheat berries at Whole foods.

I grind the berries in my magic bullet with the grinder attachment.

Today we ground up about 5 cups red wheat berries.

We made 2 dozen oatmeal cookies, a small chocolate cake, and corn bread.

The cookies are a hit.

The cake is tasty, but crunchy.

The cornbread (to go with tomorrow's lunch) is still cooking.

I need more recipes and also a better grinder. I tried the Norpro hand grinder which had good reviews on Amazon, but it was a flop and I sent it back.

And tips would be greatly appreciated.