Sunday, January 30, 2011

Declutter update

I just decluttered:

2 cookbooks
3 mugs
1 pair shorts
3 books
1 container Pledge
20 kids books
3 Cd's
3 soda can toppers
5 VHS's
1 pack diaper pins
2 never used baby washcloths
1 dog book
7 pieces boys clothes
1 set shower curtain hooks
1 bathroom mat
1 soap dispenser

55 total
71 previous

126 items total removed from my house and hopefully being used by someone else
(some things are in a box in car to be dropped off at thrift shop.)

I also have thrown away at least 15 garbage bags full of junk (besides regular household garbage) since Jan. 1st. This was clothes that were stained, broken stuff, boxes, etc.

So I think my goal of 365 items decluttered is a reasonable goal for 2011.



Jeannette said...

the shorts werent' mine were they

when you are done you can come help me with my basement

Mrs. Money said...

Awesome!! You are doing so well!