Wednesday, January 19, 2011

decluttering away

I just gave away:

1 devotion book (for boys ages 2-5)
24 all in one size 1 cloth diapers
10 plastic diaper covers for prefold diapers
6 never used diaper pins
6 hand knitted baby washcloths
3 newborn size cloth diapers (the kind that need covers)

This ups my total of items given away in 2011 to 71 items!!!

About 2 years ago my friend was having a baby. I bought her 24 all in one size 1 cloth diapers made by a work at home, Christian, homeschooling mom. I also bought 6 knitted washcloths as well. Well she only ever used about 3 of the diapers. So I bought them back from her so she could get herself another item for baby.
When my sister had her baby I gave them to her, but she only used about 3 (the same three from my friend.)
So I got them back from her.

I could have sold them as new and used cloth diapers, but a close friend is expecting her third baby and wants to try cloth diapering so I gave her everything I had. It blesses me that I was able to bless her.