Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Declutter Update

I have a goal to declutter 365 items in 2011.

My rules are it only counts if I give it away, not throw it away or sell it; and the item must have been in my house before 2011 began; oh and if an item goes out to replace something that just came in it also does not count.

Basically I want to actually have 365 less items in my home by the end of the year.

As of Sept. 1st I was at 290 items. Since then I have given away 1 pair of boots, 10 pairs of too small pants, 6 books / old curriculum stuff, 6 pairs too small shorts, and 2 too small bathing suits. That is 25 more items.

My new total is 315 items given away in 2011.

It feels good to have less stuff.



Jeannette said...

wow you are amazing, have you found the shoe I through up the stairs????
when your done come and do my house I won't even watch

Kate said...

I agree! I feel so much better when the house isn't cluttered. I have 6 boxes of Ian's clothes and toys and other misc that I need to take to the local Salvation Army thrift shop. I just need to get it there! lol! (That seems to be the hardest part!!) Love hearing about your decluttering! :)