Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So blessed

I just went in my shed. I found for fall for boys:

5 pairs size 16 jeans (his waist is 14, but he wears 16 for length)
2 men's size small sweatshirts
3 men's size small dress shirts
6 men's size small long sleeve shirts / thermals
2 men's small nicer shirts (look sort of like thin sweaters)

12 pairs size 10 or 12 jeans / pants / khaki's
2 pairs church pants
2 medium sweatshirts
12 medium long sleeve shirts
2 medium nice dress shirts

Jason has two pairs of shoes that fit. Josh has one.

We are so blessed, all the items in the shed were hand me downs, but some of the stuff still has tags (the other person didn't wear.)

Stuff we will still need to get through to spring:

pj's (he has none that fit)
winter coat (boys size 18 or men's small)
snow pants (boys size 16 or 18)
snow boots (men's size 8)

another pair sneakers

I also have to go through all the socks and underwear to see if they need any of these.

I feel so blessed that we have to get very little clothes to make it through to spring. And I have a $10 coupon, $7.50 merchandise credit, plus 15% off for Kohl's that I hope to use for Josh's second pair of shoes.

God is so good to us!