Thursday, September 29, 2011

Money Stress

I am stressing about money (who isn't?) Most months I have already paid all my bills by this point. But here it is Sept. 29th and I have not paid all bills and will not be able to either.

I still owe:

$168.65 electric bill due Oct. 4th (this was unexpected as my budget plan ended but I owed more than they had budgeted)
$80.06 car insurance due Oct. 8th
$70.00 gas bill due Oct. 10th
$50.00 water bill
$ .00 internet/ phone/ cable (should be $80.00, but may be a double bill)

I think I will put the car insurance on my credit card, and use my Sat. night work money ($60.00) towards the electric bill. This is technically Oct. money, but I will apply it towards Sept. bills since there are five Sat.'s in Oct.

The worst part is my debt has grown this month:

$670.00 Mastercard (increased)
$217.00 owe dentist (same)

AHHHHH!!!! I hate debt. I hate stressing over money.

I need to give this to God as He doesn't want me to stress like this. He has been so amazing in the ways He has provided over the years. I need to trust in Him, and not spend one penny on wants until the bills are all caught up and I am debt free.

How are your Sept. bills?



Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about money stress!

If I can make one suggestion - call them all now. Let them know and work out if you can pay even a couple of weeks later.

And for the guys that didn't get your payment plan right, call and let them know that, and ask them to waive it cause that's not fair of them to miscalculate it.

You might be surprised what they say.

Becky R said...

Hi. Yesterday I called each utility. They will not work with me because I am not even behind yet.

For the budget option that is the way it works you pay the same each month and then when their budget year is up they see if you have a balance or owe. I usually have a balance, but since it has been such a humid summer my air was on all summer. (I have to keep air on because Josh has asthma and it is better for him that way, plus I run an in home daycare and they have requirements about how hot and cold it can get.)

Basically I am in in no danger of shut off as I am not even behind yet, and before this month all my utilities have been paid in full each month. But I hate that this month they are not getting paid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky

Sounds like you're well on top of it. Apologies if my comment sounded flippant.

All the best working through all this - you have a lot on your plate.

Becky R said...


I appreciate the comment. It was not flippant at all.

I know eventually I will get all caught up. I just hate not paying each bill in full every month, and I hate debt.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Love Unawakened said...

Praying for you and that God will provide! :)