Thursday, September 1, 2011

Food Budget

My food budget is now $300.00 a month. It breaks down to:

$10.00 a day


$2.00 breakfast
$3.00 lunch
$4.00 dinner
$1.00 snacks

This has to cover food for all above meals and snacks for four people. So it breaks down to:

$ .50 per person for breakfast
$ .75 per person for lunch
$1.00 per person for dinner
$ .25 per person for snacks (all day)

I want to try and keep up with my food goals, as I really want to feed my family real food.

My food goals are:

-no artificial food dyes (THIS IS NONE NEGOTIABLE)
-no high fructose corn syrup (THIS IS NONE NEGOTIABLE)
-no corn syrup
-no white or brown sugar
-no white bread or white food products
-drink lots of water (so that we we are eating when hungry and not actually thirsty)
-organic as much as possible
-5 or more fruits or veggies daily (fresh first, then frozen, finally canned)

I think this will be interesting, especially with my two very hungry, growing boys and with sensory issues regarding food and food dye allergies limiting some of our choices.)

What is your food budget? Do you have any food rules or goals?



Jeannette said...

Since I have to replace all food from fridge my budget is now out of whack
but usually I spend under $100, I thrive on dyes, especially ones in ice cream, candy and lots of sugar,,

well good luck with keeping to $10 a day, I found $12 very challenging