Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The problem with glass

Being concerned with all the chemicals I don't want in my body or my children's, I have switched most of our containers to glass. I also try to buy food only in jars. The problem with that is that things seem to fall a lot in this house. Did you know that glass shatters when it hits the floor? Did you know that glass with sticky stuff (real maple syrup) still shatters? The worst part is that the shatters end up everywhere and are so hard to clean up.

This isn't my picture but you get the idea. This is sort of what we just cleaned up, once again (plus with half a jar syrup mixed in.) Fun.



UhOh! Here We Go said...

I always hated cleaning up glass; it is one of my top 10 "things I hate to do but do it anyways". We had a mirror shatter, one of those mirrors that is backed by that weird pant that sort of holds it together but somehow makes it extra sharp? Even though we picked it up and swept it up, I was still pulling it out of my feet here and there.