Thursday, September 1, 2011

So good

I managed to squeeze some money from somewhere to go to Wholefoods (plus I still had about $20.00 on a gift card.) I needed my GoodBelly's (priobiotic drinks that help with my IBS) as I had not had any since before hurricane last week. Also after all the junk food we ate during the hurricane, I was craving some healthy food.

Here is what we bought (I also bought the GoodBelly's but didn't count them here):

$5.00 1 lb ground beef
$3.00 organic hamburger rolls
$2.00 5 ears local corn on the cob
$2.50 Feta
$2.50 organic spinach
$3.00 organic romaine
$3.00 local tomatoes
$2.00 organic croutons
$3.00 package chocolate chip cookies
$5.50 coconut water

$31.50 this covers one entire dinner and dessert for 5, plus I can use the rolls to make sandwiches tomorrow for lunch, and then there is still enough salad to have with lunch and dinner tomorrow.

I had a salad as soon as we got home from Wholefoods. It was good. Then for dinner I made hamburgers. I put Feta inside mine and my sister's. It tasted so good, but it was painful on my throat. Still worth it though. I also made the corn on the cob. Fresh Jersey corn is better than so good. I don't even put butter on it, alone it is just delicious. We had yummy cookies for dessert.

I have been missing food as I have been so sick and sleeping a lot. I am still sick, but getting better.

What did you have for dinner?



Megan said...

I am impressed that you can buy all organic. We've tried and it breaks our bank too much, so we're learning to buy only items that are "essential" to get organic. I'd say our typical meals cost around $7 and we always have left-overs. But that's just for two of us!

Becky R said...

We can't. I strive to, but I am literally working on a post about my food budget. Organic will probably be low on list from now on. It is a goal though.

Becky R said...

Today's money was a bit left over from last month so it didn't count towards this months food budget.