Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost free, healthy snack

I got some free apples that were on their way to being rotten. Last night I juiced some and made apple juice (which was more like cider.) Then I took the pulp and mixed it in with the dog food to give her a healthy treat.

Today I took the remainder and made applesauce. It was super easy.

I had about 3 tablespoons raw honey left in my honey jar so I added warm water to the jar (about 1/2 a cup) to get it all out. Then I put the water / honey mixture in the blender. Then I cut up about 6 apples (with the skin still on.) I put one slice of apple at a time in the blender and hit the chop button. I added a slice every few seconds and chopped for about 1-2 minutes. Then I blended the whole thing. I also added about 1 tablespoon lemon juice to keep the applesauce from turning brown.

I poured in bowls and we had a healthy snack. I added flax seed to mine.

This made about 5 cups applesauce. We (Kaiden, Jason, Josh, and I) each ate about a cup and I put another in a glass bowl in fridge for later. Not sure how it will look / taste later, but if you are going to eat immediately that is not an issue.

I added the raw honey because the apples that were given to me were green and a bit sour. I may not have added any sweetener to another brand of apple.

I really liked the applesauce, so did Josh and Kaiden. Jason didn't like the texture since occasionally he would taste the peel. Gotta love those sensory issues.

Have you ever made applesauce? Did you cook the apples? Did you wonder why you had to cook the apples?


p.s. I have a pretty bad blender (I so want a Vitamix) that was given to me free years ago. It probably would be about $20 in stores today and yet it still did a good job on making the applesauce.