Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Calories and walking

I never really cared about counting calories, but I thought I might try and track as I have a goal to lose weight before my wellness week in April 2012 (and hopefully will be able to amp up my exercising after the wellness week to further my weight loss / healthy me goals.)

I realized to maintain my weight (which I do not want to do) I need to eat about 2,100 calories. I read to lose about a lb. a week eat 500 less calories every day (and to lose 2 lbs. a week eat 500 calories less, and exercise off 500 calories.) So I am aiming for about 1,600 calories, with most coming from wholefoods in least most processed form. I am also trying to eat as little meat as possible. That is so I can lower my cholesterol.

I found a free online calorie, food, and exercise tracker here. It is really cool.

Yesterday I ended up eating 2,100 calories, but I did walk an hour, so at least I burned some of those off.

Today I am at 1,400. I still have to have my ground flax mixed in juice, so I will be at about 1,600 today (if I can resist the late night urge to snack.) Plus I walked over an hour today.

I started walking about a month ago. I walk about 3 days a week for about 45 min. I walk at a brisk pace as I bring my dog, Lady who is very eager to explore (ok, she walks me. lol.) According to my pedometer I walk about 5,500 step each walk, or almost 2 miles.

The positives since I started walking:
-I lost 2 lbs
-I am tired at night and want to go to bed about 11
-getting up between 8-9am these walk days help me to get more accomplished those days and I am calmer those days with kids
-bonding with mom and Jason's grandmother (my walking partners)
-Lady is getting exercise
-Josh is getting more exercise

I will say I am so grateful for my mom or Jason's grandmother coming over 3-4 days a week to get me up and walk with me. This has been a huge blessing, as I just don't walk on my own.

Do you count calories?
Do you walk? If yes how often and how long?



Jeannette said...

It depends on what I am eating when I am counting. Usually I am counting how many go into my mouth. Sorry I am bad.
I am very proud of you, you have more determination and will power than I...
I also need to cut my colestrol and my high blood pressure. Hopefully by you making me walk with you I can help that too