Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shark Vac then Steam

Back in March I wrote about my Shark Vac then Steam. I foolishly bought off an infomercial, and spent $390 for two units with shipping and extended 2 year warranty. Having buyers remorse quickly after purchasing I called company to return. I was told I would have to send back at my expense, would not be refunded the super high shipping I spent to get units to me, and their was a restocking fee. So I ended up keeping one and gifting my sister with the other unit.

I did like how easy unit was to use and my floors looked good in about 5 min., this would make doing floors daily possible.

Fast forward 5 months and my unit stopped working. I let it sit. I cleaned out container and filter, yet still the vacuum barely sucked, and the steam stopped coming out.

I called today to evoke my warranty. Surprise they were more than happy to accommodate, if I paid to ship unit in and sent them $20 to ship it back to me, then if damage was covered under warranty they would repair and send back. Or for $39.99 plus tax they would just ship me a brand new item with my original warranty (which expires March 2013) still valid.

It would cost me $20 to ship it to them and the $20 they wanted to ship it back, so I just paid another $42 (with tax.) Hopefully the new unit works more than 5 months.

What a waste. Never buy anything from an infomercial. EVER! I saw the same unit at Costco after I bought for like $130. And I could have returned it there for a full refund if it stopped working.

So far I am out $429.59. Two units from Costco would have only been $260, $170 less than what I paid, plus I would be out nothing once I returned since the unit stopped working.

That is a very costly mistake!!!


Sisters of the Blog said...

Live and learn, Becky, that's how i see it. I have bought a few things from infomercials. Two are items that have worked very well for us (one was a set of knives, and the other was a food dehydrator). One was something i don't think we ever used--one of those pails of paste that you put on a painted piece, and the paint is supposed to come right off.

When i lived in PA, i'd go to Boscov's from time to time, and they had a display "As Seen on TV" with various items. I think most items were comparably marked to the TV price, but of course, there was not the outrageous S&H charge. I got a blow-up bed from them, which i used at the new house before we bought a "real" bed for it. It came in handy, and the electric air pump is stellar for my inflatable dinghy, so i didn't have buyer's remorse.

Funny, though, how easily some of those infomercials can suck you in.


Kathy said...

OUCH!!!! Live and learn. We have all made those kind of mistakes. Usually, we only make them once if were lucky.
I hope you have better luck with the next one.