Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A day in my life


went to bed at 1:20am
woke up at 7:45am
took dog out
feed and watered dog
threw on clothes
brushed my teeth
8:00am walked in mist with Jason's grandmother for an hour (6,000 steps or 2 miles)
came home, contemplated going back to bed
took a shower instead
Josh woke up while I was in shower, he needed to pee (we only have one bathroom)
got out of shower and got dressed
made Jason get off couch (he was sleeping there because he is pet sitting a cat and didn't want to leave it alone all night)
sent him upstairs to sleep a bit more, but not before giving him his medicine
made breakfast for Josh (cereal with milk, a banana, and peaches)
went online
talked with Josh
got hungry
feed cat (we are cat sitting)
made my breakfast
10:30am ate breakfast (homemade bean burger on 2 slices wheat bread, topped with avocado, with a side of peaches, also had pomegranate juice with 1 tablespoon ground flax mixed in)
thought about going back to sleep
did some school work with Josh instead
made Jason get up and have breakfast (cereal and a banana)
went online
did some laundry
Josh and I made homemade sushi
1:30pm ate lunch (the sushi and 1/2 a Wholefoods brownie)
posted pictures on facebook of homemade sushi
blogged about homemade sushi
did more schoolwork with Josh
checked on Jason's school progress
helped Jason move cat stuff (we are cat sitting) to keep Kaiden out of it
3:00pm sister dropped off Kaiden
fed sister sushi (she liked it too)
fed Kaiden lunch (some sushi, a peanut butter sandwich, and applesauce with ground flax mixed in)
played with Kaiden
more laundry
straightened up kitchen
4:30pm had a glass of nog (coconut milk non egg nog) with 2 tablespoons ground flax seed mixed in (so yummy)
regretted giving dog left over beans this morning (pu Lady)
5:00pm put Kaiden down for nap
finished schoolwork with Josh, after he threw a tantrum (fun!)
made dinner (baked potatoes and cooked peas)
got Kaiden from not actually napping
checked Jason's schoolwork progress (not too much since I last checked)
set table
ate dinner at table with Josh and Kaiden (Jason got mad and went back in his room)
cleaned up Kaiden
cleaned up table
wrote down everything I ate today with calories (1,800 so far)
gave boys snack
8:30pm started Josh to get ready for bed
got Kaiden ready for bed
9:00pm Josh bed
watched Lost with Jason (we watched season 1-4 over summer and now are watching 5, we never watched when it was on tv years ago)
11:00pm ate a bowl honey nut cheerios with almond milk
realized I ate now just 2,100 calories(YIKES) and broke my no eating after 8pm goal
11:30pm went to bed

and this was a no drive stay home day (walks are ok)

What does your day look like?


p.s. Kaiden is my 17 month old nephew. I watch him Tues., Wed., & Thur. 2-10, Fri. 9-12 & 3-overnight, & Sat. am-6


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

That is soo cool! I need to do one of those. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holidays!


Becky R said...

Thanks for commenting. I would like to read about a day in your life as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well.