Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oct. bills

I have paid all Oct. bills except:
$108 electric bill
$70 gas bill (due already)
$80 cable / internet / phone (due Nov. 11th)

I had money for electric bill, but my car broke down on Monday (snapped brake line) so I had to use that money to pay mechanic instead.

My Sat. job owes me for a few weeks (probably about $180) so I will use that to pay the electric and gas bills. My Sat. boss said she sent me a check the other day so I should get any day now.

At the end of the week I should only be behind by the $80 cable / phone / internet bill (which technically isn't due yet.) Not too bad.

This month my property taxes were due ($1,200.) I also had this money.

If I have no emergencies this month I should be able to pay all my bills.

Praise God!