Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 days to go!!!

Hello! It is late Wed. night. I did not have to work (for money today.) But I sure did work. My awesome mom took the kids to the park and then to her house so I had 5 hours to pack. I finished my room (about 99 % any way.) I am exhausted. I also did my closet and 3/4 of Jason's room. He and I are going to work up there in the morning for an hour then go to pool before I have to go to work tomorrow. We did get to jump in the pool after dinner (dinner at my mom's again, thanks for the yummy shrimp Mom.) Then we got to watch some of Beethovan 3. We rented 1-3 at the library cause we don't get anymore channels on tv since I cancelled the service. It is nice, we go to the library once a week and get a few free movies and best part no commercials. The movies are cute, they are about a St. Bernard dog. They are old, but my kids have never seen them. Very family friendly, no bad words, nudity, or even overly rude kids.
Joshua and I finally finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I am surprised but each night while I read he stayed quiet so I could finish each chapter (that's my rule, if you talk I am done, Joshua loves to talk-me to-lol.)
As I have been packing I am reminded of how blessed my family is. We have so many clothes, toys, and books. We have never gone hungry and God allows that all our bills get paid. Actually having to get about 50 boxes to pack up all this stuff has further reminded me of how much we truely have and how others have so little. I will ask that you once again to pray for our sponser child, his parents make a combined income of $70 a month. They live in a hut with a bamboo roof. I am sure they would not need 50 plus boxes if they needed to move. I am glad we can be part of his life through Compassion Child.