Friday, August 10, 2007


I wanted to write about my friend Courtney again. Her and her husband Brian, are just ordinary people (almost my age a few years older) and yet they are accomplishing amazing things. They are trusting God and doing what He asks. You can read there story at there blog (see my favorite blogs to the right.) But God asked them to adopt and they said yes. They knew they could not do it alone, financially, emotionally, or physically, but with God they would be able. Courtney is one of the most positive people I know and her family and kids are happy and polite. Not common with many kids today (I know I am working on the polite with my kids.)
I love talking with Coutney as she always makes me feel good about me. What a great friend. I am thankful that God allowed us to actually have a conversation on the phone today without any of my 4 kids here or her 7 interrupting, now that is truely only God.
I am glad through prayer and small donations I can be involved in there ministry.
You can too, the orphange in Haiti has started another project. They hope to have 100 people commit to sponser a child in 100 days (for the year.) To commit you can click on there website For His Glory Adoption Agency. The committment is $30 a month for a year. How many of that spend that on one trip to McDonalds or something we don't really need? $30 a month will help a child in Haiti have a chance. Imagine if your kids had not enough food, clothes, or worse love. Well in a way these are our kids in Haiti. God calls us to care for the widows and the orphans. It is only $1.00 a day.
If you feel called to further help they also run mission trips where ordinary people go and help with things that need to be done at the orphange. You can also see they website to get more information on thses trips.
Thanks or listening. Please check out Courtney & Brian's blog and the orphanage in Haiti. -Becky


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU! I MISS YOU... and THANK you for supporting us. YOU ROCK!