Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thank God for friends

Hello! Yesturday I was working and my great friend, Monica called to see what I was doing later. She asked if we were having a painting party (I have been procrastinating painting for weeks.) I had not planned on it but she said she would come over and help me and we would order chinese (one of my favorites.) What kind of person gives up there Friday night to help someone else paint? She is so awesome. So she brought her kids over, we got our food, and we painted. It was not fun work, but having her help made it all the better. The best part was that for four hours our kids (4 boys total) played almost without interrupting us. They even "helped" a bit. So now Joshua's room is very much closer to be ready for us to move out. (I have to paint over the colors I put up in boys rooms and my room, so I can get my security back.)
God is so good to have given me some real Proverbs 17:17 friends "A friend loves at all times." And what better way to show love then helping me do a hard chore. Of course while we worked we pretended we were out relaxing with no kids, her with a drink and me with a non alcoholic smoothie something. The breeze was blowing and we were listening to some band playing backyground music. Oh wait, that was the air conditioner and kids in the background. ONE DAY MONICA, one day very soon!!!!! -Becky