Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Hello! I got home from my part time job about an hour ago. The boys are sleeping at my mom's (my mom & stepfather took them to the rodeo.) I am actually scared to be home alone. I am convinced someone is upstairs and am way to scared to go look. Why does having a 9 & 4 year old home comfort me?

Anyway this morning we cleaned the house, we being Josh & I. Jason refused until after his meds and a shower calmed him down. Then he did a few things, but we were almost done. Sometimes I forget his meds as soon as he wakes up and this is so bad!!!!!

After chores we went crabbing with my mom & stepfather. They kept catching baby ones and we had to throw them back. When I left to go to work they were still at it and had only 1 keeper. Joshua would pull his cage up the second he threw it down, how can we work on patience?
Jason enjoyed it. I will post some pictures when I get my camera from my mom's.

Then I went to my part time Sat. babysitting job. It was not bad, best behaved kids every. They are twins. They are now 7, but I have been watching them one night a week since they were 3. The boy has severe nut and shellfish allergies and some others, so his parents never left him with any sitter. I met them cause I worked at the preschool they went to. Mom liked me cause I was not a teenager, has an AA in Education, and was certified in first aid, cpr, and epi pen. So it is good for me to make more money. I usually end up only going 2 times a month, usually one Sat. they are busy and one Sat. I am busy. But the parents go out on a date. It is so nice. And after kids go to bed I straighten up and relax with about 400 channels on there tv. Fun, since I have none.

Well, that's my day. I will update on stranger in the house and will rectify my door lock situation tomorrow so this will not happen again. -Becky