Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's August?

Hello! Wow it's August already. Only 18 days till I move. I am so not ready!!!
Today we had a great day. After errands (including finding a sandbox on someone' s garbage and then shoving it in my small 1992 Dodge Shadow with the trunk open and my kids scrunching low in there seats-yeah!!! now we have a sandbox for our house) anyway, after all our errands we went to the water park. My brother, Kevin, got us tickets. We had so much fun. Joshua liked the lazy river best, Jason liked the hot tub and slide that shot him into open air. Lots of sunblock and three hours later, they didn't even want to leave, but I was SO ready for a nap. The wanted to then go on rides (waterpark is next to boardwalk.) I guess I really am getting older (I will be 28 soon and all.) Maybe another day for rides.
When we got home I did take nap and kids watched a movie. My ankle was hurting me a lot, so this stinks. But now it feels much better. I am not used to standing and walking around for 3 hours on my broken ankle.
We had a nice dinner together (the nice part was sitting together at the table about 30 min. with no fighting- dinner was not too bad either- I made myself stir fry with veggies from my mom's garden on rice. Boys had plain rice, cooked carrots, and yum-corn dogs!)
After dinner boys were exhausted so Jason took a shower and read and Josh and I read a chapter of The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Jason has already read this.) Josh always begs for another chapter but we only do 1 a night (although I have to admit sometimes I read ahead.)
Ok, I am even beginning to bore myself. Overall, great day and week so far.
Oh and I packed 1 1/2 boxes and got rid of 1 garbage bag full of stuff and 8 more magazines.
-Becky in NJ