Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking a break for FUN

Hello! We just got back from playing mini golf. We went to this cute golf course built and run by students of a local high school. The admission is only $1.50 per child, but we had 2 buy one get one free admission tickets from library reading program. So it was $4.50 for 5 kids to play. Then after each child got an ice pop and chips (or some combination of snacks) for $2.50. We brought drinks from home. For $7.00 seven of us (moms included) had 2 hours of fun, except towards the end when the boys were having too much fun and girls were appalled at the boy humor. Why are bathroom topics so funny to them?

On the ride home I found about 20 awesome boxes on someones garbage, looked they just moved in. I was about to go buy some I needed more, I had to call Monica to get some because they would not all fit in my car.
Now on to more packing. More later... -Becky