Sunday, August 5, 2007 really helps

Hello! I am so proud of myself, after church, food shopping, watching a movie with kids, swimming in pool, and a nice dinner with boys (and ice cream sundays for dessert), and after I put Josh to bed I did something I have been procrastinating. Flylady says to do something for just 15 min., to keep us for getting overwhelmed, well I did not want to tackle my coat closet as every time I open it stuff falls on my or rolls out. I took 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag and opened the door. I set my timer for 15 min., and in that time I got all winter stuff in that closet gone (packed or disposed of) and packed all soccer stuff. It took less than 15 min. All balls are also back where they go. It was too easy. If you have trouble getting stuff done and organized try Flylady, it is free (you can buy stuff to help, books, etc, but not required.) I am not getting paid or anything for telling you about the site, but since it is so helpful to me I wanted to share.
Oh I also packed all Jasons books from his room that we are moving and got rid of about 15 that we are not. It was another good day.
By the way no one in the house, we are all safe, and I got a key again so I can keep my door locked from now on. -Becky