Friday, January 4, 2008

Another failed attempt

Hello! After making my oh so yummy bread the other day (sarcasm-we could not even eat it.) We tried homemade granola bars with dried cherries. Another winner. They are gross. The kids won't even try them, and I made my friend / neighbor Joanna try one and her face said it all (what a good friend.) I ate two trying to convince myself they were good. Even I am willing to admit defeat, they are going in trash. I still will prevail, tomorrow I am going to get fresh flour and try the bread again, without the wheat flour this time. It is my new hobby, making yucky stuff (lol), no trying new recipes. I want to start scrap booking again but do not have the space. Every time I take my stuff out it is time to clean it up again.

We took down our Christmas tree. Jason was such a big help, he helped me carry everything into the attic (he loves to go in the attic-go figure since our last attic scared him.) Joshua got himself in trouble by hitting me, so he ended up in bed early with no snacks or no movie that Jason and I watched after putting away the tree. We watched Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, it was good. I really enjoyed doing something just with Jason. I think he enjoyed it too.

Tomorrow we have no plans. I do have to work, but that is at 5:00. We were going to work on my closet with my parents (we are cutting wall out to enlarge opening in closet as doors block some access), but my stepfather is feeling under the weather, so we will try for another weekend. Maybe we will go food shopping, but otherwise we are just going to relax in day. Sounds very good to me after the hectic Christmas & New Year's. Even having the week off I did so much. I am almost glad to be back to work. Daycare kids were so good this week. We just hung out and relaxed as I figured they needed to destress as well. Next week back to our lesson plan.

Well, I am sure you are bored now (if you even made it this far) so I will get going. Have a relaxing weekend yourself. -Becky


dudelove79 said...

Dust yourself off and try again. Don't give up.

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Just wanted to say HI!