Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So tired

Hello! Even though I was so glad to have a week off over Christmas and New Year's all that staying up late and sleeping in has really wrecked my schedule. I was finally falling asleep by 11:30pm and getting up at 6:30am before the break. Once agian I am falling asleep around 1:00am and am exhausted getting up at 6:30am. Today I feel like going back to bed all day, and it's after 1:00pm, I still want to go back to bed. I have 6 kids here to keep me busy (Jason, Joshua, D, J, Peter, & Liam) Jason stayed home sick and I am watching Peter & Liam. So of course I can't actually fall asleep, but I WANT to. LOL!
As we are back into schedule I am trying to work in more time with God, this is always a challenge as so many things seem so urgent, that I put off my time with God. But I am praying about this. Putting God first makes me whole day run smoother (of course.)
I am happy to report that I ended 2007 with no bills and no debt. This was no small feet as my total income was only about $12,000 plus child support. And my rent from Jan-Aug. was $1240 a month-THIS IS ONLY GOD! I was unable to take too many daycare kids because of my ankle, but God saw us through. I am so grateful. This year I am working on trying to save as I can not be sure how long my 1992 Dodge Shadow will last, it has to be reinspected in Aug. 2008 so I am not sure it will pass without some repairs, if at all. I know it needs something with breaks right now and an oil change, so I want to be proactive with its care. I will use all my part time job income to care for the car. I am so grateful to be able to have a part time job Sat. nights babysitting for a great family. I go about 3 times a month. It is nice because I can bring Jason with me if he is not with his dad. He like to play with the 7 year old twins.
Well, I have to go straighten the kitchen and do daycare paperwork while some of the kids rest and the rest are playing outside (OH YEAH IT IS ABOUT 60 DEGREES OUTSIDE TODAY-WEIRD!)


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