Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am so stressed. I know I need to give it God. I know! I know! I know! But I am stressing about issues with Jason's dad. I am stressing about Jason's behavior lately. I am stressing about Joshua's behavior lately. Seriously can't I turn one off and deal with the other and vice versa. I am stressing about not having a car again. I am stressing about my upcoming surgery.
But God is like why. I have Jason's therapist coaching me with his dad. I have time to be consistant with my boys. I have an assistant to help when I have surgery and the money to pay her. I may be buying a cheap good car soon. God has already provided, yet I let the thoughts stew in my head until my stomach aches and then I am no good to anyone. I am so glad for my mom, and Monica, and Leigh Ann keeping it real for me today. I almost lost it. Leigh Ann gave me a reminder that if I let others control me I am putting them before God; Monica just listens and gives me spelling tips which make me laugh; and my mom actually came over to referee and take us to Jason's doctor. God had put such awesome people in my life (oh yeah Scott took Joshua to McDonalds to get him dinner.) I have such a great support system. I need to take all my energy stressing and pray and spend more time with God. This is the only way to not waste time. I am glad to blog as it helps me see once again to turn it back to God. Good night! -Becky


Anonymous said...

I am praying. Love you.

flyingfordanglia said...

maybe your stomach ache was not from stress but actually from the bowling alley nachos, cheese fries, gummi bears and ice cream hmmm??????

:D hee hee, just kidding!!! don;t worry it will all work out!


Jeannette said...

I read your post, now I am stressed, jeez so much on your plate. but your right
Its easy to say, but is it easy to do?
Just know I am right there chugging along with you

Becky R said...

I did not eat any ice cream just one taste of Josh's.
The bowling alley cheese fries maybe, but they were yummy! LOL!
remember the curly fries at school lunch-emmm! good!